Ideal Sofa Factory Direct Re-Upholstery & Custom Built Furniture Toronto


Why re-upholster? Is it worth doing? We are often asked these questions.

Re-upholstering has several advantages. It can be significantly cheaper than purchasing a new piece. Secondly, unique older pieces tend to have strong internal frames and character which is difficult to replace. Re-upholstering this item breathes new life into it, gives it a modern appearance and makes it comfortable again. For the environmentalists among us, re-upholstering is more environmentally friendly and reduces the amount of waste going into landfills.

Our re-upholstery services include:

  • Pick up your worn furniture and deliver a completely re- upholstered piece;
  • Provide a pre-inspection by a skilled master re-upholsterer (prior to re-upholstering);
  • Repair the existing frame or spring support system (if necessary);
  • Replace outer fabric or leather;
  • Re-finish wood surfaces on your furniture;
  • Replace existing foam with high grade foam (2.8 lb minimum density on all seating surfaces) wrapped with high loft fibre or traditional cotton padding. We use only high grades of foam of a 2.8 LB minimum density to provide long lasting luxury comfort. Our natural premium latex rubber foam and feathers mixed with down are also popular choices for luxury comfort at Ideal Sofa Canada;




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