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Company Philosophy

     Ideal Sofa Canada specializes in the design and manufacture of commercial and residential custom-made furniture including sofas, sectionals, chairs, banquettes, and beds. We work along side a large number of industry professionals such as architects, designers, interior decorators, home builders and practitioners in the hospitality industry.


     Ideal Sofa has carved a niche for itself in the commercial custom-made furniture industry and has successfully attracted large Canadian and international clients. Here are examples such as Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel New York, Coach New York, Bell Media, the Ritz Carlton, the CN Tower, the Delta Hotel, CP24, the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet and the Milestones chain of restaurants. Some of these commercial projects can be seen here.


     We also provide quality custom-made furniture to residential clients who want a one-of-a-kind piece that is made with superior materials and accessories to match their décor and fit into specific spaces. We provide rendered drawings to our customers so that they can visualize their furniture before it is made. Our Custom Comfort Testing Chair is a favorite with our residential customers who love the idea of testing the width, depth, and height of their sofa as well as the firmness of the foam that will be used before the sofa being made. Some of our residential projects can be seen here.


     At Ideal Sofa, we guarantee that our skilled artisans use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our products. Our furniture is built to last with solid maple hardwood frames which are glued and screwed together for superior durability. We use only high-grade excellent foams (a minimum of 2.8 lbs on all seating surfaces) to eliminate sagging and to create an extremely durable, long lasting and luxurious product. Our collection of materials and finishes include high-quality fabrics, premium ultra comfort natural latex rubber, feathers with down, high-grade leather, a wide selection of laminates, solid walnut, and other fine wood and custom metalwork finishes.


     All our furniture is created at our design studio and built on location at our Mississauga factory. Our main offices are located at 5015 Maingate Drive, Units 5 & 6, Mississauga, ON, L4W 1G4. Call us today at 905-361-0154 or email us  ( ) Custom Upholstery, Custom Re-upholstery, Bespoke Upholstery, Bespoke Furniture, 


Krystyna .G
Proprietor & Design Director

     Krystyna is our designer par excellence who specializes in conceptualizing and manufacturing custom furniture.  She is equally comfortable working with luxurious fabrics as she is with high-quality leather.


     Over the years Krystyna has collaborated with a wide selection of designers, interior decorators, home stagers, real estate agents and members of the public to create unique pieces to meet their very individual styles, tastes, needs, and décors.  With over 20 years of experience in the design/build furniture industry, Krystyna has mastered the craft of designing and building the perfect sofa.  Ensuring that only the highest quality materials which we use in the construction of sofas at Ideal she supervises and guides every step of the process, from design to delivery, to ensure that every detail is attained to perfection.


     As the lead designer at Ideal, Krystyna has built a solid reputation and an impeccable record of client satisfaction because she selects the highest quality materials including fabrics, foams and accessories to ensure that each customer is the proud owner of a custom, quality, hand crafted Canadian product!

Angelyka .Z
   Architect & Interior Designer

     Angelyka is an integral member of the design team at Ideal. An artist at heart, the interior design comes very naturally to her. Therefore, she can provide suggestions for optimal space during the initial consultation. 


      Angelyka is very proficient in design software and utilizes Autodesk 3ds and AutoCAD to create accurate and professional design sketches. These are highly regarded within the industry as they allow the customer to visualize their proposed layout and understand their space allocation.

     At Ideal Angelyka is happy to take this process one step further and provide an in-home consultation to physically outline the proposed furniture, cabinetry, and accessories to allow the client to visualize exactly where every piece of furniture will be located in the proposed design plan.

Stan Zachemski
Proprietor & CEO

     Stan is our master innovator.  He focuses on expanding our range of custom furniture by constantly innovating, adding new features to our products and ensuring that our products are always up-to-date, functional and reliable.  Stan is very meticulous, and one of his specialties is a site visit to create a full-scale floor drawing of the proposed furniture. This aspect of Ideal’s full service takes the guess-work out of the process by ensuring that customers visualize their furniture and are comfortable with the size and shape of the end product.


     At the factory, Stan is responsible for quality control.  He selects only top quality materials for use in the construction of all our products.  At every step of the building process, Stan makes sure that the highest quality control is achieved ensuring that only superior custom made products are delivered to our customers.


     Every company must have a vision and Stan takes on that challenge – to chart the future of the enterprise and ensure that it continues to meet the needs of all our customers and continues to offer high-quality products that are stylish, versatile and functional!

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