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Our Testimonials

WOW- we love it!!!

The craftsmanship in both pieces is INCREDIBLE. Please thank Krystyna ‎for everything and also for the mattress cover :) I cannot believe how the banquette completely changes the flow and feel of the space in the kitchen-amazing! And perfect coloring! The bed and the wall paint are perfect-Nevis loves it!

Thanks all around!

Dear Krystyna, Stanley, Sylvester, and other Ideal Sofa Staff,

We wish to thank you for the beautiful leather furniture you created, for our home. The sofas and cushions, reclining chair, bench, and headboard are evidence of superb expertise and care, from planning and production to delivery. The impressive professionalism and customer service, at your establishment, are second to none, and we will highly recommend your business to other potential clients. 5 stars all the way!

With sincere appreciation,

We have worked with Ideal Sofa on numerous projects, and are pleased to admit that this team of creative people can definitely make any imaginable piece come to life in the most efficient and sophisticated manner, while maintaining impeccable standards for all of our clients.

Diana Balanyuk

Hi Krystyna & Ideal Staff,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you with feedback on the leather sectional – I was sick and then we were away.

We LOVE the sectional!! It is exactly how we wanted – the leather, the look, the depth, the comfort… even the crinkly-ness/squishiness of the back cushions was done exactly how we had envisioned it.

The leather has turned out well – even with our drooling Bullmastiff – we can wipe it and it dries quickly and disappears.

Thank you so much for your beautiful work!

I would still like to get the dog beds done and we are still considering the bed frame & drawers. As soon as I can get the time to put together the measurements for the dog beds, I will email those to you for a quote.

Thanks again,

Teresa & Dennis Marek

Hi Krystyna,

Just wanted to sent a quick e-mail, to let you and your team know how pleased we are with the sectional!! It is beautifully made and fits perfectly in the room and so comfortable. This has been an excellent experience. It is very hard to find service like this, from our initial meeting right through to delivery, what a great team.

Now that we see the sectional in the room, Malcolm thinks we need an ottoman, so would this be possible?

Have a great day and again Thank You!



We’re loving our sofa, it’s very comfortable. Everyone who visits loves it also. Our sons lie down and don’t want to get up. So thanks for your great product and service !

I wanted to follow up with you about the legs, you had suggested we live with them for a while to see how we feel about them. We’re ok with the size / height, however we’ve realized that the legs are “chrome polished’ versus the ”matte” finish I had requested. The polished mirror finish makes the leg more noticeable than we anticipated. Would it be possible to get the matt finish leg?

Will await your confirmation, thanks.

Andrea Kusters

Dear Krystyna:

I have had nothing but good/positive comments on the black leather cushion that you made me. It looks great on the indoor Maple bench finished in Satin black stain. Thought you should know.


Ron Martin

Hello Krystyna,

Hope this gets to you at Christmas
I received your lovely phone call (cute to hear your daughter).
So thoughtful of you to call. We are settling in nicely and looking forward to spending lots of time with family over the holidays.

It was great working with you. My client and I couldn’t be happier with the work that done on the banquette. I will be focusing on drumming up business in the new year so…I will be in touch!!

Warm wishes to you and your family for the New Year.


Vicki Williams


The Finer Things
Interior /Exterior Design and Renovations


My basement is very small and I have a hard time finding furniture that will fit and custom is usually very expensive so I decided to try and find something that would work. I went to a furniture store and purchased a 3 piece set everything fit except for the 3 person sofa. I paid a fortune for this set and still didn’t fit so I had no choice but to get it custom re-sized. I found Ideal on google and got a price quote it was extremely reasonable for the amount of work it takes ( Furthermore I found out it would have been cheaper to get the entire set made a custom with my leather and my design then it was to buy it at a store, go figure. Well, I'll know for the future. The service was excellent it was quick painless and easy (especially on my wallet)

Thanks Mike

I have just gotten a custom sofa made by Ideal Sofa, just wanted to say thank you it looks amazing and feels wonderful. Thanks Ideal

Hey it’s Jeremy

Ideal Sofa is one of the friendliest furniture stores I have ever been to, giving me deals after deals and great service, I personally hate when a sales man/women walk behind me breathing down my neck to buy something I felt at home and when I needed the help they were there to fully explain and answer all my questions.

Thanks Ideal


Hey Krystyna

Thanks for helping me put together my first home, it was an amazing experience working with a high-class designer such as yourself, you have inspired the rest of my home with that one piece you designed for me. It fits perfectly, the contours are just as we talked about. Thanks for making the trip to my home so many times with out ever complaining; it came out beautifully in the end. I’ve never met any designer so passionate and so happy doing what they do. You will always be my first choice when it comes to the art the flare I need.

Thanks Krystyna

Wishing you all the best in your business future.


Cheer Krystyna

I can’t believe we are finally finished, I sort of miss coming into the studio working on design ideas with you. Now that my restaurant is complete I can breathe a sigh of relief, and hope people like the food as much as they like the interior. Your tables and seating are just perfect, it brings fun and joy to my customers, and first-time customers are always in awe of the furniture if I had a nickel for every time some one asked me who designed the interior I would be rich. Thanks for your time I know it took long, but now you can relax and work on some one else’s dreams.

P.S. Dinner is on me anytime you feel hungry




It’s amazing, Krystyna you have outdone yourself once again, and I can’t believe the compliments I am receiving from average clubbers (they never care).

I had a girl come up to me about 3 weeks ago and tell me that the cushions as so soft she almost fell asleep. That’s the first time have ever gotten a compliment about the furniture rather than the Dj.

Thanks Krystyna

Hope you come by on New Year’s drinks on the house.

Circus Night Club

Hey Hey

Thanks for the sectional it looks great and feels great too, love the workmanship

Thanks Ideal

Hope I can get some more things from you soon

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