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Custom Comfort Testing Facility

One of our distinguishing features at Ideal Sofa is our unique Custom Comfort Testing Chair which is shown below 
The Custom Comfort Testing Chair is used to obtain precise measurements and determine each client’s individual needs with respect to the firmness of the sofa or sectional.  Measurements are taken to determine every aspect of the sofa to ensure that it contours to your body’s every curve and to ensure that the sofa is truly custom to your needs, desires and decor.

Sit and relax on the Custom Comfort Testing Chair taking time to figure out exactly what shape, size and foam firmness will make you forget the stresses of a long day when you sit on your sofa.

The fitting process … during this part of the process you will personally choose every detail of your sofa making it truly unique and custom to you. Features that you will choose include the seat height, depth, width and back angle as well as the overall depth of the sofa, the arm height, the foam that will be used to fill the cushion and it's firmness.

At the end of this stage we set out to build your dream sofa and provide you with updates and pictures via email, if necessary, until the end of the process. 

Our favourite part of the process is at delivery when your new sofa arrives at your home and meets and exceeds your every expectation! 

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