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Our Frames...

     A well made frame provides the best foundation for your furniture. At Ideal Sofa Canada we take great pride in building our frames from the best and finest materials to create a sturdy and long lasting piece of furniture. We are so proud of our frames that we invite you to visit our factory to see the frame of your furniture prior to it being upholstered so that you can revel in the beauty and sturdiness, like we do! 


     We love to boast that our frames are the best in the industry because they are constructed using Canadian selected premium kiln dried hardwood. Many manufacturers feel that because the frame is hidden there is no need to pay attention to details and use quality materials. At Ideal Sofa Canada, we beg to differ. The hardwood is first put through a jointer machine to create perfectly straight and wobble-free planks. These planks are then put through a wood planer machine to ensure that they are smooth and splinter-free. These two important steps create straight planks to eliminate possible squeaking and balancing issues and planks that will not crack. All of our frames are assembled using metal screws and specialty wood glue (not staples). This creates a truly strong, durable and sturdy frame which will outlast the upholstery on your furniture. After the frame assembly is completed our craftsmen then sand the entire frame to eliminate any splinters that may have been overlooked and any sharp edges. The result is a frame without pesky splinters and rough edges. Feel free to view our gallery of frames so that you can marvel at their superior quality and finishes. 


     The smooth finish and well-built sturdy frame is an upholsterer’s dream as it provides the perfect template for the finished product! Our frames are easy to work with and provide the perfect templates for the creation of truly unique well crafted pieces of furniture.

With over 25 years in the custom furniture business we are very proud of our frames. So if you do not want to be shocked with poorly made frames that will prematurely collapse or rot then come to us at Ideal Sofa Canada and let us create a truly superior product in every aspect for your home or commercial project.


Have a look at some of our frames as opposed to those of our competitors and see for yourselves.

This is the example of our IDEAL custom sofa frame made with precision in our own factory:
Images below show a typical custom sofa frame made by our competitors:
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