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Our Top Stitching...

     At Ideal Sofa Canada we take great pride in creating wonderful pieces that are timeless and will stand the test of time. One of the components that allow us to do just that is our attention to seemingly minute details such as top stitching.

You may ask why is stitching so crucial? For us at Ideal we know that precision stitching extends the lifespan of the furniture as it ensures that the furniture remains intact thereby making it able to stand the test of time. In addition, top stitching can work as a highlight to a piece, drawing attention to the details that you wish to have noticed. It can be used as a fashion statement and introduce that splash of colour that is required! Nothing can destroy the aesthetic beauty of a piece more than imprecise stitching so we ensure that each stitch is perfectly placed to create the most appealing finish for your home or commercial project.


     At Ideal Sofa Canada, stitching is so important to us that we have sewing machines that were custom made specifically for our workroom. They are capable of working on any type of materials including our thickest and finest leather and our high quality fabrics. Some of them can create in excess of 30 unique stitching patterns on our custom made furniture. We also stock a large variety of threads of varying colours, thicknesses and materials to ensure that our clients have the widest variety of possibilities available to them.


So when we say, If you can dream it, We can build it, we really mean it!!

Our SAMPLES Of Custom Stitching Available:
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