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Our commercial projects

     Ideal Sofa Canada is a leader in the commercial furniture industry and we are proud to boast that our customers are always very pleased with our creations! Our reputation and superior quality custom furniture has attracted commercial clients such as Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel New York, Coach New York, Bell Media, the Ritz Carlton, the CN Tower, the Delta Hotel, CP24, the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet and the Milestones chain of restaurants. The pieces created for these clients can be viewed in the commercial gallery.

     Commercial furniture requires pieces that can withstand heavy duty and constant use. We therefore ensure that the interior frames of the furniture are made of high quality Canadian lumber and high grades of plywood. Our exterior finishes are made with superior commercial grade fabrics and materials and our seating surfaces are made with very resilient long lasting foam (minimum of 2.8 lb density) to ensure that there is no premature sagging or softening. We source your fabrics and finishes from our network of leading fabric and leather suppliers who provide us with an extensive range of high performance fabrics and vinyls which are designed specifically for commercial use. Prior to making your furniture we provide rendered drawings to ensure that you can visualize your furniture before it is made.


     Our commitment to achieving a perfect balance between form and functionality ensures that our clientele always receives a high quality product that is not only beautiful but functional at all times!

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